What Is Your Soul Urge? Find Out with Numerology

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You’ve probably heard about numerology before, even if you didn’t know what it was called. A person’s name consists of a specific number of letters, so how could it not be related to numbers?

It seems logical that your soul urge has something to do with numbers as well, right? Find out exactly what your soul urge is and how it influences your life by reading the following article on soul urge numerology!

What is the heart’s desireD number?

If you don’t know what your heart’s desired number is, it could be difficult to figure out what you need to do in order to fulfill your destiny. To find out what it is, you have to use numerology.

One of the most important numbers used by numerologists is called a soul urge number—this tells us what our deepest desires are, and helps us understand where we’re supposed to go and how we’re supposed to get there.

The first step in finding your soul urge number is actually choosing which two numbers that make up your heart’s desire fall together.

What are the 5 core numbers in numerology?

3, 6, 9, and 4. Add up these numbers to get your soul urge number: 3 + 6 + 9 + 4 = 24. Now, look at that number in a different way: 2 + 4 = 6.

That’s your soul urge number! If you’re unsure about which soul urge number fits you best, use a numerology calculator like ours to get some insight into your personality and spirit.

How do I know if my soul urge number is high or low? Your life purpose depends on whether your soul urge is high or low, which in turn will define what path you choose for yourself and how far you’ll travel toward it—both spiritually and materially.

Low means introverted or analytical; high means extroverted or creative.

How do you count your soul number?

The best way to calculate your soul urge number is using a set of numbers that you feel are representative of your personal characteristics.

That way, when you look at your personal number, it will always have meaning for you, and—in time—you’ll learn to connect those feelings with different traits, situations, and choices.

By creating sense memories related to your number, numerology soul urge number 9 will take on more meaning in future years.

If that sounds like a lot of work (and even a little crazy), remember:

  • That’s exactly what makes numerology soul urge so cool!
  • You can come up with unique ways to assign each number meaning within your life.
  • Try some different methods and see which one feels right for you.

What is a 9 life path in numerology?

When it comes to numerology, people are often most interested in their life path number. The life path number is used to calculate major milestones and patterns in a person’s life.

Because each of these numbers represents a certain aspect of an individual’s personality, some 9s are more drawn to entrepreneurship than others. But, just because a 9 has chosen entrepreneurship as her occupation does not mean that she has fully embraced what it means to be an entrepreneur.

There are many different types of entrepreneurs and not all entrepreneurs share the same soul urge or motivation for being self-employed; each needs to find his own unique reason for business owners rather than falling into an unfulfilling pattern that might have nothing to do with how he wants his life to look as he grows older.

Numerology soul urge number 7

Number 7 people have a strong ability to handle feelings, they are compassionate and softhearted, but they can often over-exert themselves in relation to others.

People that resonate with numerology soul urge number 7 have a tendency towards feelings of shame, guilt, or self-doubt which can lead them to escape into escapism through substance abuse, risky behavior, or dependence on validation from others.

This can be remedied by building a strong awareness of oneself and realizing that there is no need for these things if one is true to oneself and trusts their intuition.

Number 7’s may also feel anxious about life cycles. They are sensitive souls who are aware of energies around them but at times feel overwhelmed by it all.

Numerology soul urge number 3

The number 3 is generally a very ambitious and confident number. These individuals tend to make positive steps toward their goals, no matter what they may be.

They can also become upset or bothered by other people’s negativity. They often set high expectations for themselves, which they work hard to achieve.

Many will be gifted in some form of artistry, as well as healing abilities of some kind. People with numerology soul urge number 3 often possess an intelligent wit about them and can make others laugh quite easily even when life is bringing its greatest challenges to them.

These individuals have strong desires to succeed but will not always listen to reason when seeking out these dreams because they are so sure of themselves that it doesn’t seem like such a great task at all for them.

Numerology soul urge number calculator

Research has shown that even specific numbers have meanings in your life. Whether you’re deciding on a new number for your business, thinking about starting a family, or buying a new home, make sure you don’t pick a number without researching its potential meanings first.

Keep in mind that it’s easy to project ideas onto numbers without considering whether they may be more significant than you realize. As someone once said, For numerologists, any connection between a word and a number is significant.

For skeptics, no connection is significant. Some general guidelines from numerology soul urge number calculator experts include: If you are single (never married), consider not using No. 4 or No. 13 for an apartment-rental application; No.

Numerology soul urge number 8

While numerology soul urge number 8 can be tough, it is something that has to be explored in order to discover what is going on inside of you.

Your path to learning about yourself and your growth process may end up coming from a place that surprises you.

Though some people start with reading their own personal soul urge number and figuring out where they can find information about what comes next.

But, once someone does decide to delve into numerology in order to unlock their higher self, there are specific aspects of themselves that are going to want to be explored first.

Not everyone is ready for an exploration of every area of their own personality—but someone who wants to know everything will most likely have more than one spiritual journey unfolding before them at a time.

Numerology soul urge number 9

The number 9 soul urge has a certain yearning for service and giving. If you have a life path, destiny, or calling card (in astrology) of 9 then you possess generous traits that include deep compassion and sensitivity to others.

Many people have recognized their inner calling to give their time, knowledge, or treasures in order to make some kind of contribution.

Those born under a numerology soul urge number 9 are highly sensitive beings and need someone who can appreciate that about them as well as support them during times when they may be overworked or physically ill due to too much empathy for others.


Now that you know what numerology is, you can use it to figure out your soul urge number! This can help give you an insight into why you are a certain way, what motivates you, and how best to deal with yourself.

After all, self-knowledge is power, and knowing your soul urge number gives you a lot of self-knowledge. So get out there and start learning about your strengths and weaknesses by figuring out your soul urge number!

What Is Your Soul Urge? Find Out with Numerology


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