Numerology in the Bible: Secrets Hidden in the Numbers

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If you look at the first five books of the Bible, the Torah, you’ll notice that they have something in common.

They each start with five letters and then have their own specific numbers that are key to what they are about or who they are written by.

But do you know why? What do those numbers actually mean? And what does it all say about the rest of the Bible?

Here’s an introduction to numerology in the bible and how it can help you understand this book in particular and the Bible as a whole just a little bit better.

What numbers are significant in the Bible?

What are some numbers that appear over and over again? The number 7, which represents completeness, is one of them.

Two times 7 is 14 (2+7=9; 1+4=5). When you add a 3 to 14, you get 17 (1+7=8), a symbol of regeneration. Three times seven equals 21 (3+7=10; 2+1=3).

Seven multiplied by any number always equals 49. For example, 7 x 10 = 70 and seven times 10 equals 70; or 7 x 12 = 84 and seven times 12 equals 84.

Also significant is three, which stands for heaven on earth or a God-centered life.

What is God’s number?

In numerology, people who were born on certain dates are thought to be affected by certain numbers.

Some people consider these a divine sign or plan set out by God. For example, a person born on April 13th is said to have been created on God’s number, 4.

Now that you’ve read through these numbers, you may not believe them at all and think it’s just something made up to entertain bored people like you.

But isn’t it interesting how there are so many coincidences between our lives and certain dates?

If that isn’t proof of God, I don’t know what is.

Is numerology a religion?

So, is numerology a religion?

This can be confusing since numerologists are occultists and occultism is often associated with mysticism and things like witchcraft.

But when it comes to numerology, not so much. In fact, some would argue that there’s more than meets the eye with biblical numerology–in part because there are so many secrets hidden within its numbers.

However, if you were to ask most people they’d say that biblical numerology isn’t really a religion.

If you’ve ever had your chart calculated by an expert or even looked up your own birth number online then you know that a personal birth number isn’t very far from information contained on any horoscope or other astrological chart.

What are prophetic numbers?

Prophetic numbers refer to numbers from 1-999 that are mentioned at least twice in scripture.

What do these numbers mean? Do they hold prophetic significance to our future?

Some people are convinced that numerology holds deep meaning, even predicting major events such as 9/11 and other terrorist attacks.

The list goes on and on with some theorists claiming a few of these significant prophetic numbers point to big changes coming soon…

They then go on to provide a biblical numerology calculator for you to use! But what do I think about all of it? Let’s talk about it…

Biblical meaning of numbers 1 100

According to Biblical numerology, numbers reveal hidden spiritual meanings.

The concept of numerology is not rooted in biblical belief but has grown from philosophical interpretations.

While numbers have no physical shape or representation, there are patterns and rules that can be identified based on numeric sequences.

The biblical meaning of the numbers 1 100 is a secret message to indicate underlying meaning.

Numeric patterns act as tools for divination, allowing one to unlock deeper meanings that lie within stories.

Most of these messages were passed down through oral tradition; they were rarely written down and found their way into stories as riddles and mysteries designed to keep people asking questions and making connections between narrative elements.

Spiritual meaning of numbers 1 and 9 in the Bible

Often times in religion, spiritual beliefs and practices are at their core all about finding a deeper meaning.

This is especially true of Christianity which has always had its roots firmly planted within spirituality and numerology.

The Spiritual Meaning of numbers 1 9 in the bible represents three fundamental aspects of one’s life that all need to be addressed with wisdom, clarity, and truth.

The Name of God 9 in the bible, by itself, tells you a lot about how important numbers play an integral role when seeking truth, wisdom, and purpose through living a more spiritual life filled with peace and abundance.

Significant numbers in the bible

In numerology, numbers are represented by corresponding characters. There are many significant numbers in the bible, but some of them cannot be found with logical methods.

1 represents solidity and individuality; 3 indicates creativity and personality. For example, there are three parts to creation- heaven, earth, and water (Genesis 1).

David had seven helpers that helped him defeat Goliath (I Samuel 17). Jesus Christ is symbolized by 3 X 4 = 12 – he came to earth 12 years after John’s baptism for repentance (Matthew 11).

This can be represented by a cube (thirty edges) or a pyramid (four faces with twelve edges), which is also expressed as a square/ rectangle and/or triangle, forming a total of 14 edges between all four forms together.

Why numerology is wrong

People have always been fascinated by numbers, and while we often focus on how big they are or what they represent, numerologists delve into their true meaning.

It’s believed that each number has its own personality, character traits, and symbolism, making them an important part of life.

But what about those numbers that make up biblical references? You might wonder if these particular numbers hold a deeper meaning than you think.

In order to understand why numerology is wrong, take a look at some of your favorite Bible passages.

You’ll be surprised to see how often specific numbers are used to reference events!

Spiritual meaning of numbers 1 10

Some believe that numerology – or how numbers impact our lives and spirituality – is like astrology.

Like stars, planets, and signs of horoscopes, we’re still searching for the meaning of the numbers 1 and 10.

Here are some interesting tidbits about numerology from scripture that may bring insight to your own life and spiritual journey.

The word number comes from Latin numerous which means a few (counting), amount, number, quantity, or measure.

Thus our desire to know the spiritual meaning of numbers 1 and 10 may have origins deep in our human nature as symbols related to survival evolved with written language long ago and were converted into various languages via independent adaptation of alphabets that represent these signs or symbols.


In the end, numerology is a pseudoscience that doesn’t have any real use for bible interpretation or Christianity.

It’s a fun and interesting area of study, but it’s not something that should be taken seriously in the bible.

The popularity of the practice makes for an interesting look at how numbers and divination have played into a religion throughout history, but it shouldn’t mean anything in terms of the bible itself.

The numbers in the bible hold specific meanings and interpretations, none of which are affected by those who believe in numerology.

After all, 2+2 will always equal 4 – whether you believe in numerology or not.

numerology in the bible secrets hidden in the numbers


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