The Truth About Numerology For Marriage Is About To Be Revealed

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Numerology for marriage can help you learn more about yourself and your marriage partner, whether you’re the bride or the groom, or both!

Numerology gives you information about how compatible you are with your partner and how to deepen your connection with each other.

It can also give clues as to what to expect from your marriage and future together, based on your names and birthdates. Get some numerology tips for marriage today!

What is a marriage number?

The idea of marriage numbers is rooted in numerology, which is a mystical science from India that studies relationships between numbers and events.

In general, you are born with a certain number or numbers associated with your name and birth date. I

f you have ever had your fortune told based on astrology, then you may have already heard about marriage numbers.

Marriage number 9 means that if you get married on February 9th then your marriage will be life-changing or special because there are many different ways to interpret what happens when you add up your numerology number and marry it to another person’s unique number.

The result could mean a long-lasting, beautiful relationship. Or maybe it doesn’t go as planned.

How can I predict my marriage age?

In Vedic astrology, numerology is a common practice. Numerologists take into account numbers while interpreting predictions and not just birth dates.

The numbers you choose on your marriage license are also significant.

To achieve a fruitful marriage life with no obstacles, consider these numbers that are best suited for love compatibility and happy married life.

First and foremost, marriage number 9 meaning doesn’t just indicate longevity but gives immense happiness and good health in conjugal life.

Marriage number 5 is another lucky number because it assures perfect balance in a marital relationship by providing security, protection as well as spiritual bliss to both partners.

Can number 1 marry number 7?

In numerology, numbers 1 and 7 are on opposing ends of a spectrum. Number 1 signifies power, ambition, willfulness, and individualism.

Number 7 signifies unity, togetherness, sharing, and compassion. The two personalities don’t mesh very well in marriage; if you’re number 1 looking to marry number 7 or vice versa, expect some major issues to arise.

Since they’re both strong personalities with different agendas and desires, they might not be able to compromise their ways of thinking when it comes to decision-making.

Number 1 has a reputation for being controlling and manipulative while number 7 is known as being idealistic and easily hurt or taken advantage of — it’s just a bad match all around.

Is the number 2 good for marriage?

The number 2 is a bit of an oddball when it comes to marriage. People whose birthdays are on 02/02 can have slightly different personality traits from people who have a birthday on 01/01.

While it’s not that important whether you’ve got a birthday in January or February, if you’re trying to calculate your compatibility with another person, differences in even single-digit birthdays can be important.

In general, knowing more about numerology can help you understand yourself and others better—even help you find better matches for your romantic relationships!

But that isn’t why we’re here today… We’ll save love and romance topics for another day. Today we’ll be talking all about what makes a perfect marriage in numerology!

Specifically, what numbers make good marriages?

Marriage numbers

Throughout your life, you’ve been given numbers and other symbols that have had a profound impact on who you are and how you view yourself.

In numerology, marriage numbers are typically represented by three different digits (1, 2, and 3) as well as two additional characters (X or -).

Although there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to relationships, some of these numbers seem to pop up in more marriages than others.

Here is a list of common marriage numbers to keep in mind when planning your wedding or considering your future marriage.

When planning with numerology in mind, remember that there are no guarantees—but it can give you an idea of what kind of relationship might be possible.

Marriage numerology number 4

The four is a number that represents something solid, structured, and practical. The four is one of a few numbers that you can count on to be there for you if you need them in any capacity.

That’s because it represents rock-solid reliability and honesty. Marriage numerology number 4 people are also known to be extremely honest and forthright with their partners.

They will tell their partners exactly what they think, even if it hurts; it comes from a desire to build confidence and trust in a relationship, rather than to tear down or hurt someone else’s confidence.

Even though marriage numerology number 4 personalities are solid in their beliefs and upfront about how they feel, they are very sensitive inside.

Dates to avoid for marriage numerology

Many people believe in numerology, a series of numbers used to calculate compatibility for marriage.

However, some experts say that numerology is nothing more than pseudoscience because it’s subjective.

Numerologists use a variety of approaches to calculate compatibility and dates to avoid marriage numerology.

The most common approach is to assign values to letters based on their position in words and convert those into numbers.

Marriage numerology number 5

Number 5 is considered to be one of the luckiest numbers in Chinese and Western culture.

In marriage numerology, it is said that when a man’s or woman’s name adds up to the number 5, they have excellent compatibility with their partner, whether they are married or not.

Number 5 represents balance and variety in different aspects of life such as career, love life, personal desires, and personality.

When you add up both your partner’s name and your name using the Chinese numerology calculator or Western numerology calculator you get 5 then you should pay attention to marriage numerology number 5 as it brings positive influences into your relationship.

Vedic numerology marriage compatibility

The compatibility of a person’s name with that of his or her partner can reveal valuable information about a relationship.

To do a Vedic numerology marriage compatibility test, each partner’s date of birth must be known (the month and day, rather than just a year), and both partners’ names should be spelled out in full.

The process is simple enough; if you are seeking information on your future marriage prospects, write out both dates and names in full, separate them by an en dash ( – )—with no spaces—and compare them numerically according to their values below.

For example, Bob Smith was born on June 12th, 1976. His intended bride Suzy Green was born three days later on June 15th, 1976.


Numerology for marriage is a fun way to make sense of your relationship. And if you’re about to get married, what’s better than understanding how you and your future spouse are likely to fare?

You’ll get a detailed report on how compatible you are—and uncover which numbers may be stumbling blocks in your marriage.

Find out more about numerology for marriage here!

the truth about numerology for marriage is about to be revealed


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