5 Reasons Why People Love Cancer and Scorpio Friendship Compatibility

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Cancer and Scorpio friendship compatibility is not the most likely match, but it’s certainly not impossible to make work between these two Water signs.

As long as both partners are open and honest about their feelings, there shouldn’t be any conflict or problems to speak of between these two Zodiac signs.

On the other hand, if either party has trouble dealing with their emotions and desires, then Cancer and Scorpio friendship compatibility might be more challenging than expected.

Can a Cancer and a Scorpio be best friends?

The zodiac signs Cancer and Scorpio have a long-standing friendship, but can they be best friends? Some experts say no. However, these two signs do enjoy plenty of compatibility in their relationships, even if they aren’t meant to be the one.

Let’s take a look at how well these two signs get along. Scorpio and Cancer are both water signs. While that doesn’t necessarily mean that they’ll always get along swimmingly, it does make them compatible when it comes to some key areas of life.

For example, both are loyal by nature and will stand by each other through thick and thin. They’re also both passionate about their families — which is good because as family-oriented people, they’ll likely spend a lot of time together!

As far as romance goes, though, these two may not be ideal partners for each other. A Cancer man might find his Scorpio woman to demanding for his taste; likewise, a Scorpio woman might feel smothered by her Cancer partner’s clinginess.

Do Cancers and Scorpios get along?

With so many zodiac signs to consider, it’s almost too easy to find yourself in a relationship where your personalities just don’t match up. But that doesn’t mean you should give up!

The reality is that people can be a good fit with any sign – including Cancer or Scorpio – as long as they know how to manage their differences. Check out our Cancer and Scorpio compatibility percentage below and read on for tips on how these signs can make their friendship work… You have strong opinions about most things, which may not always mesh well with Cancer’s more laid-back approach to life.

That said, if you’re willing to go along with Cancer’s advice from time to time (or at least take some of it into consideration), there’s a lot of potentials here for a great companionship. Cancer may want things done a certain way because they’ve done them that way before and like them best; respect that and try not to get upset when you see Cancer going through your stuff without asking first.

Remember, everything belongs to both of you now – it’s not just yours anymore!

Cancer and Scorpio compatibility

Can these signs have a fulfilling friendship? Read on to learn about cancer and Scorpio compatibility. Read on for more about cancer compatibility with other zodiac signs.

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One of life’s simple pleasures is maintaining friendships with people who know you well.

Cancer and Scorpio in bed

Cancer is a very intuitive sign. For example, they know when to hug their friend because they have identified what emotion is going on. Cancer and Scorpio in bed: Cancer is a very intuitive sign.

For example, they know when to hug their friend because they have identified what emotion is going on. (cancers – Afterall – love a little cuddle time) I’m cancer also :).

Basically, you have to remember every individual has feelings, regardless of their sign I love my friends regardless of which star sign they are! And being like me I try so hard with each one!

Cancer and Scorpio compatibility percentage

85% Cancer and Scorpio compatibility percentage is well above average, so these two signs are sure to make great friends! Cancer’s protective nature is a great fit for Scorpio’s self-reliance.

Together, they create a supportive, safe place to grow emotionally. Their intense natures complement each other; cancer’s sensitive side will care for Scorpio when she feels overwhelmed.

And though he might be quiet on the outside, Scorpio knows that cancer has his back even if he doesn’t say it out loud! Overall, their communication may have some hiccups but these signs of deep respect for one another will keep things strong between them.


According to compatibility astrology, Cancer and Scorpio make a strong friendship pairing. Cancer and Scorpio are both emotional zodiac signs, and they can relate on many levels.

They often possess similar desires, goals, and dreams; they’re compatible because they work well together in partnership. In fact, Cancer’s intuition combined with Scorpio’s directness makes for a dynamic duo in love!

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